Reasons Why You Have To Visit Bandung For The Next Trip

Even though it is okay to spend only a day in Bandung, if you want to experience Bandung to your heart’s content, take two or more days as the small city offers you big things. Fear not about where to stay for many Bandung Indonesia hotels are available with various prices, therefore you can book one that meets your budget. You can find the room once you arrived to the city, however, if you want the best deals and offers you can find them online. There are many travel sites online that provides you with price comparisons and reviews. That way, you won’t waste your time to look around the hotel that fits you.

Mind blowing natural setting with good weather all year around, you can set your plan to visit Bandung anytime you want. Famous with its factory outlets, since Bandung is home for huge number of textile factories, fashion shoppers can save more money for fashion shopping compared to when they buy their favorite apparels elsewhere. Leather shoes, hand bags, and more, the price is not that expensive. Around the street your eyes will please with tea plantations that becomes Bandung’s pride. Fruits and veggies get their best environment.

Culinary wanderer will love Bandung for different kind of tasty foods that will shake their mouths.  Understand Bandung through traditional performance is not a bad idea. Can wait to go there? Travel to Bandung, in fact, is easy even though this is your first time visiting Bandung. Shuttle car and bus can help you to reach the city. If you are asking which one is better, shuttle car is a win in case that you yearn for privacy. Plane is faster options, from the airport you can get taxi to the hotel to regain your energy before you start your adventure.

Train is a note worthy option, too. Along the journey before you get to your destination, breathtaking natural setting will entertain you. Now, when getting around the city, if it is possible, you need a rent car. Despite of taxi and other mode of transportation are not rare in Bandung, renting a car, give you more freedom to taste every inch of Bandung. You can stop to any shop, and more you can save more time. Enjoy Bandung with family, there are many tourist attractions not that far from the hearth of the city with family oriented concept.

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